MotherTalkers in the New Year: Please Read!

December 30, 2014

It’s been 9 years since we launched MotherTalkers, and what a wild ride it’s been. We created a thriving community here that has experienced births, deaths, break-ups, new friendships, and terrible election outcomes together.

And the good news is we will continue to do so but in different ways due to other commitments by the moderators. If you are a regular poster here, please join the MotherTalkers 2.0 Facebook group. This is a closed group for regular posters – no lurkers, please.

If you are a lurker and would like to keep up with any of the original MotherTalkers moderators – Elisa Batista, Erika Bleszinski or Gloria Riesgo – please follow us on Facebook. Elisa also regularly blogs for and in Spanish at Mamá Please keep reading –and writing! – to her there.

Various members of the community plan to continue to write for MotherTalkers — so please don’t stop reading and continue to support them!

Thank you for your loyalty and for making this community as dynamic as it has become. Much love – and see you on Facebook! xo, Elisa, Erika and Gloria



  • Mom of Twins

    Elisa, Erika, and Gloria — I can never thank you enough for starting this community and keeping it vibrant and going all these years. I can’t imagine parenting the last 8 years without MTers. The lessons, insight, advice, and support were like nothing I could find anywhere else. Like many of us, I have lived through losses, extreme parenting challenges, as well as the usual highs and lows of life.

    This community has meant so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!

  • sheri

    Aw…this is totally understandable, but also sad to realize that we’ve come to the end of an era of sorts. I am so thankful I found MT about 7 years ago, and for the friendships I’ve made here. I can’t imagine parenting without this community, and I know we’ll continue (albeit differently). Thanks to all three of you for all your labor on our behalf to make this community possible.

    • sheri

      I just searched and I think my first diary was in April of 2008, and it was written when Lucy wasn’t yet 2. She’s 8.5 now. It was about PTSD for parents and a few people I don’t remember commented, but also longtime members and friends like Gigi, Cynmill, Mamacita, Karen m, snarky, lonestar canuck, lonespark, expat, minnmom, and Rachel. And NJMom, who I miss and I wish would join us on facebook. I may have commented a few times before posting that, but was definitely a newbie. And I remember working on that diary on my mind and then editing and re-editing several times before posting. I was so nervous about all you smart mamas and whether you would accept me into the community. Memory lane…

  • SwissClogs

    Many thanks, Elisa, Erika, and Gloria, for making MT what it was, and is. I have found a community here that I did not know could exist and have loved the journey that got us all here. We will continue in the FB group, which has a whole new dynamic and is a great successor to what we had here.
    Many, many thanks!

  • infinite rothko

    I add my deep thanks to Elisa, Erika, Gloria (and Amy). And to DKos, which spawned us.

    I guess we can’t say we didn’t see it coming, with activity here dwindling so much after the FB migration. I am guilty of not checking in regularly.

    I look forward to seeing posts by other MTs. Maybe “lyn” will start writing the kind of political posts she misses?

    I miss NJMom, too, and also RachelD. I will work on the former to open a ghost FB account, though I doubt it will work, and hopefully we’ll see RachelD here.

  • Cornflake Girl

    Thank you to our lovely moderators for curating a place where we could all be ourselves, share our triumphs and tragedies, trade tips, and toast each other year after year. I’m so thankful for the energy you all put in to maintaining the Mothership all these years! And grateful we can still have a forum on FB. Much love to you!

  • reservoir23

    I jumping in and joining the rallying cry of congratulations and hearty thanks for ALL you began, all you continued, and for all of what remains. On MTer mothership, I transitioned early to FB mostly because I had a tough time getting this site to cooperate — operator error, I’m sure. So, I’ll have less of a jolt to continue on FB than some that’s for sure. I’ve found that as the years pass, and especially lately, social media like the daily news in general gets under my skin a little too much with abrasiveness and misunderstanding and what seems mean spirited commenting. As I head into my 60s and my 7th decade on the planet, I desire a slowed down pace which includes a slower more thoughtful conversational pace. I feel best when I start from a place of compassion and I feel best when I’m met there by others, even when I may not understand another’s point of view, or just plain disagree with it. What I’ve found is if there is civility so much can be bridged…and if there isn’t that, there is no way to get to the other side, or for someone else to reach me where I stand. So, 2015 may hold more time for other reading and conversing than on the Mter FB for me, or at least I will likely keep my conversations away from the politics of the day, or the latest story of bad news. My neighbor said to me lately that he feels as if everyone is just having one-way conversations much of the time and that electronics often heighten the sense of that for him and the divide he feels that is growing between people. That got me thinking a lot about whether I agreed with that and what I thought about that idea. Anyway, I am thankful for the long wonderful & windy road that got us here. There were so many deep, loving, painful, heartfelt, frank & funny posts along the way that led to a feeling of deep friendships over time. I think we were lucky to start so long ago when the newness of the technology lent itself to people sounding less angry and rage-ful. I know there were exceptions and of course we had our trolls even on the Mothertalker site that we all even to this day laugh about and recall. I’ve learned a lot here, and felt welcomed and even loved. I have also felt love for so many that I’ve come to “know” and actually to meet face to face. I wish for each of you the very, very best in the days ahead, to know that you are never really alone, that there are always mothers or friends or even fucked up family out there howling into the dark wind searching for the best for their babies and families, and doing their best, whatever that may be or look like for them. I hope too that we all give ourselves the credit we deserve, credit to each other as well, and believe in ourselves that we are worthy and strong and have so very much to offer the world — big or small, it all matters, especially in the way of kindness, love and generosity. LOOOOOVVVVEEEE You all! Thanks Elisa, Erika & Gloria! xo Karen M.

    • reservoir23

      Oh Gawd…where would I be without typos? And a long post? Hahahaha. Everything changes, except for some things. 🙂

  • mkkendrick

    Thank you Elisa, Erika, and Gloria for the amazing gift that is MotherTalkers and for planting the seeds of what has become an amazing community.

  • Pink-n-Orange

    Oh noooooooo! Noooo! Oh boo. Oh no. Ok, ok.

    I think we all knew this day would come. I’ve been on MT for nearly its entire run, only three months shy of the entire 9 years. Thank you, Elisa, Erika, and Gloria for creating this community. When I dare to venture onto other sites (a very rare occurrence), the unique qualities of MT are ridiculously clear. I’ve never commented anywhere else but here and obviously I’m not a regular member anywhere but here. It took tremendous skill, smarts, heart, and humor to make MT what it is. Thank you to our founders and to the whole community for all of the support and fun times over the years.

    A couple of months ago I started to create a shell Facebook account for the express purpose of coming over there to MT. I got stymied by the shock of the “new” interface. Maybe they could make it uglier and busier lol. I’ll take another crack at it.

    It sounds like a few people are continuing to write here? Perhaps I will too finally. See you all here and on fb.

    • infinite rothko

      Yay!! I’m glad you’re considering the move. I think you’ll find it’s worth it.

  • Binz

    I remember the excitement of the start here, after reading about it on Dkos…such a welcome and wonderful space. I went through stages of lurking and stages of participation, but always felt grounded here. This is part of my home planet here in the tubes, along with Dkos and Street Prophets, and probably always will be. So, I’ll be around, here and on FB. I’m sure our next incarnation will fit the community it spawned like a glove and will grow just as surely as our children.
    Plus, can you ever really shake us?! No way, girlfriends. No. Way.

  • I couldn’t possibly express what this group means to me. So so much love to you all!

  • KristieVal

    Many, many thanks to you ladies for this wonderful community you’ve created. It truly is an amazing group to be a part of. I’m constantly inspired, supported, and encouraged by the wise words that are shared here and on FB. Looking forward to contuing those relationships on FB!

  • reservoir23

    just swinging by today, and read all the new posts. what an amazing place created here. so thankful for all the words shared. we’ve all changed and grown, a good thing indeed. xx happy new year!