MotherTalkers Caucus

June 8, 2006

Thank you, Erin, for posting!

Just a few hours ago I was fortunate enough to attend Elisa’s MotherTalkers Caucus.  There were a handfull of people I recognized from MotherTalkers, quite a few people who may soon be regulars here, and Elisa’s lovely parents and son.  A reporter from the Weekly Standard was even kind enough to grace us with his presence.  

The discussion seemed to center around how we can empower women, particularly single mothers, to take part in our political system.  However, there was not enough time!  If anyone is interested in continuing this discussion, we will be meeting tomorrow at 4:30, after Elisa’s Feminism Rountable, at the bulletin board.  Depending on the number of people who show up, we will decide where to go from there.