Monday Morning Open Thread

June 2, 2014

What’s up?

Let’s talk school fundraisers, shall we? Every year our school holds a wonderful fundraiser at a nearby hotel with a nice sit-down dinner, music, and silent and live auctions of trips, popular show tapings like Bill Maher and American Idol, and “experiences” like spa gift certificates and dinner parties. In the last few years, it’s brought in close to $200,000 each and every year!

The last two years, DH and I have donated the Bill Maher tickets since he’s been a guest on the show. This year another parent at our school asked me if I could lend my home for an art showing by a fellow parent, and wine and cheese party. I’ve never donated one of these “experiences”, and as a first-timer I was way over my head, promising to supply the wine and the cheese, totally low-balled entrance fees considering that every person received four glasses of wine plus fancy cheeses, and offered a limit of 30 people — which is a lot! Nonetheless, it was hugely successful and fun.

I spent $300 in wines and cheeses — which are tax-deductible, by the way! — and at $50 a person and at capacity, the party brought in $1,500! This doesn’t include art sales, which also went to the school. Score.

I conferred with a friend who owns a restaurant in Berkeley on the wine and cheese pairings, and had fun shopping, drawing up a menu on my computer, printing them out at home and cutting them with Eli’s fancy scissors. Check it out:

What do your children’s schools do for fundraisers? How are you this fine Monday?