Monday Morning Open Thread

December 16, 2013

What’s up?

The picture of DH and I with the Obamas came in this weekend. The look on my face? This is what was running through my mind at the time: holy crap this is huge and overwhelming. Michelle Obama grew up in the south side of Chicago — what must have run through her mind when she moved into the White House? Shit, this is the photo that my parents are going to show their co-workers at the mill and supermarket! Gah! Then I felt like I was going to cry…

Immediately after the photo, I was a little embarrassed by my reaction upon seeing the Obamas. But later on upon reflection I thought, shit, I grew up a working class girl. Never did I ever think I would have this opportunity!

I printed out the photos at Walgreens for my family. At one point, one of the workers stood behind me and said, “Excuse me, but is that a photo of you with the Obamas?!”

I exploded, “Yes it is! I went to the White House!”

“That’s dope.”

Then he, the cashier behind the counter — who told me she felt like me when she met Beyoncé — and I chatted all about it. These are my peeps who definitely got where I was coming from. lol!

Over the weekend, I was able to bring a part of the White House home. The staff passed out booklets explaining the significance of all the decorations that we saw at the White House, and included two holiday recipes. Eli and I made the spiced honey cake, which I highly recommend!

Enjoy! How are you? Where are you in the hustle and bustle this holiday season?