Moms Rising and The Motherhood Manifesto

I received a message forwarded by my husband from MoveOn which asserted that moms could be denied jobs and advancement for the simple reason that they’re moms. That message, which refrenced the book The Motherhood Manifesto, referred me to the Moms Rising website has the following fact (although I can’t find the specifics and would love to see who conducted the study, what their methodology was and who their sample was) “A study found non-mothers made 90 cents to a man’s dollar, moms made 73 cents to the dollar, and single moms made 56 to 66 cents to a man’s dollar.”

The Moms Rising website is at for anyone who wants to take a look. If anyone has any further information on the study sited above, or the assertion that 25% of families with children under 6 are living in poverty with no health coverage I’d greatly appreciate links. This is particularly timely given the coverage that has been given to recent estimates of what a mother’s work in the home is “really” worth.
It is so offensive to me that politicians and churches can argue that preventing same sex marriage is a more important step in the direction of preserving and supporting our nation’s families than addressing these disturbing truths.

Why?!? Why am I seeing bumperstickers on mini-vans that say things like “It’s Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve.” or “Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman”?

Why are we not pointing out to the world that the skill sets a mother brings to the world are valuable and should be celebrated and compensated accordingly?!?!?