milestone achieved

June 4, 2006

Just wanted to share with my fellow MTers – we seemed to have reached a major milestone here in our little corner of paradise. At just shy of her first birthday, my little girl has apparently decided that she’s had enough of the breast and is ready to go it alone.

As with all things related to children growing, this one feels so bittersweet.
 As I’ve previously shared, breastfeeding wasn’t crisis free for us, but I so loved the past 12 months of sharing this time with Jess. I am so proud to see my little girl take her first steps towards independence, and pleased that the decision came from her, rather than me weaning her away from it. But I will miss breastfeeding, and of course, I had to deal with the feelings the first few times Jess pursed up her little lips, turned her head away and pushed the breast out of her face!

This has passed, aided by a visit to the hair salon for a cut and my first head of highlights in about four years! Am also planning some retail therapy to buy new bras and panties – no more fugly nursing bras!!!