Marathoner Paula Radcliffe pregnant

July 14, 2006

Editor’s Note: We’ve had a lot of good diaries lately. I will post as many as I can today. Thank you, Rachel! -Elisa

Not to steal Elisa’s Friday thunder, but world record-holding marathoner Paula Radcliffe is pregnant.

“I’ll continue training at the same level but I definitely will not be doing the European Championships,” said the 32-year-old British star.

“I’ll be four months pregnant by then and do not want to take any risks.

“I won’t compete in top-level competitions but will run some low-key races. We’ll see how it goes.”

I’ve always love Paula, not only because I’m an aspiring (and very amateurish!) marathoner, but also because she’s always displayed great determination in reaching her athletic goals and has never been afraid of picking herself up and moving on after suffering a setback. Of course, we can only hope that she’ll become a MT poster and join the community with us!

Fellow athlete and mother Liz McColgan gives Paula the following advice, also via the BBC:

Before I had my first child, I was getting a bit flat and finding it hard to get motivated. But after I had her, I was eager to get back and prove I was the best in the world.

Some people think that because you have a baby you become softer, but it’s not like that. I didn’t have nannies or anything like that, the baby just came with us when myself and Peter (a former Northern Irish distance runner) were competing.

And the training was totally separate from family life and that was a good thing because my children provided relaxation after training – I could just chill out with them. When you have no children, all your life about is running.

I think this applies to more than just profesional running, eh!

So how are your athletic/exercising endeavors going, fellow MTs? Me, I’m sticking to my plan of a half marathon in September and a full marathon in October, and have been stretching my runs out to meet that. Jess comes along with me most days in the running buggy – she’s a great training partner!