Learning to Parent

June 17, 2006

There’s a fun parenting diary today over on DailyKOS, written by a father who talks about the struggle of figuring out all the things he needed to know about being a parent:

Father’s Day – So Good Luck with that Parenting Thing! – With Poll!
One of the things I really agree with is the paucity of support for new parents, especially when both parents  were/are previously in the workforce. Your friends tend to be the people at work. You may not know anyone local with kids. Finding activities, finding friends with kids of similar ages and parents of similar leaning with compatible schedules is surprisingly difficult.

This is where I envy my church-going friends, because there’s almost a ready-made community of families with kids, scheduled social interaction, day care and preschool. Those of us without, especially in cities where we’ve probably moved for a job and not for the neighbors, kind of muddle along in the cold.

I am supporting a new park in my neighborhood, partly with the hope that this park will help provide a community gathering place, though realistically by the time it is built it will be a little late for me.

But among the dumb things: it took me quite a while to figure out when I was supposed to sign up my daughter for kindergarten. There should’ve been a label, like the one on my car that says I’ll need to replace my air bag at the 10 year mark.