Kos, Steve Irwin and Parenting

September 5, 2006

Let’s discuss Markos’ comment on dailykos about the death of Steve Irwin.

I’ll never understand parents who put themselves in such positions of danger knowing that a misstep can leave their children without a parent.

I am not a parent, yet I can very much identify with his comment.  I lost my father over twenty-three years ago and have been very protective of my mother ever since.  With the exception of being away in college, I have lived with my mother my entire life until this past fall when I got married and moved out West. My mother lives in Florida and I call her three to four times a day to keep up with her and every time she answers the phone the first thing I ask is if she is okay.
My fear of losing my only living parent leads me to an irrational behavior of over protectiveness.  And since I have no control over her life my feelings of helplessness makes me depressed and afraid. If I ever become a parent I have a feeling that I’d be the same way with my child — I will defiantly be the over protective parent constantly worried about my child.