Jumping on the Introduction bandwagon

February 23, 2006

Hello everyone!
I came over here from DailyKos. Blogging is new to me within the past 15 months and now I am all over the place! I look forward to participating here and I hope to direct several friends in this direction who I know would also love a forum like this.

My name is Christina and I am a 41 year old single working mother of two boys. One is 20, the other is 9. The 20 year old (Nick) has been with me exclusively since he was 4 – his father is still around, but has never taken on the responsibility of day to day parenting. I just made sure they stayed in contact. The 9 year old (Alex) is with me every other week. Yeah, I sucked at marriage 🙁 His dad is a great father though and we are good parenting partners and live within 2 miles of each other. I have worked at the same place since Nick was 6 months old. I am blessed that since Alex was born the location is just 5 miles from my house. About three years ago the company got me a laptop and remote connection so I have much more flexibility with my time which is a blessing since Alex is my little sports playing maniac!
Another blessing has been the internet for sure. When I was pregnant with Alex I joined an email group that is simply known now as the August moms and they have been an invaluable source of information and support. Basically they are all family now. Such a change from Nick when I felt so isolated and unsure of myself.
It seems to me that a lot of jokes were made about Hillary Clinton’s “It takes a village to raise a child” statement but from my personal experience that is SO true. Update: I forgot to mention that live in San Diego! The north coast just east of Del Mar to be specific.