Jessica Simpson Snubs Bush

March 16, 2006

Here’s a funny piece of celebrity gossip: Jessica Simpson, the terrible ballad singer and starlet of the Dukes of Hazard movie, turned down the opportunity to meet our beloved president. The Republicans are fuming.

Simpson was at a Capitol Hill news conference today to lend her support to “Operation Smile,” a group that funds plastic surgery for underprivileged children with facial deformities.

Simpson ignored reporters’ repeated pleas for comment as to why she refused to attend an event for the National Republican Congressional Committee, in which President Bush was slated to appear. Said the Committee’s spokesman Carl Forti: “I find it hard to believe she would pass up an opportunity to lobby the president on behalf of Operation Smile.”

Going into damage control mode, Joe Simpson, Jessica’s father and manager, told the Associated Press, “When it became obvious that it was not just a state dinner, it was more of a fundraising event, that is the wrong purpose of why we are here.”

Of President Bush, Joe Simpson added, “We are huge fans of him and of his family, his girls. Jessica loves the heck out of him.”

Awww, the Simpsons hurt the Repubs feelings! It’s so sad that they are so worked over this snub. Then again, for their Christian followers, who else can sing “Holy Night” with such seduction?