Is Pottery Barn Kids Sexist?

March 5, 2006

A brief intro…. I am a daily lurker/enjoyer; came over once Kos mentioned the site on dkos.  I am not a mother yet, but am expecting in August after 2 years on the infertility rollercoaster.  

Well, I have been slowly venturing out to kids stores with friends as the reality of this pregnancy sinks in.  This past weekend, I visited Pottery Barn Kids (not a place I’d usually go, but was going into EVERY store in the mall that was kid-related, so why not?), and was saddened to find…..
…the toy section.

I first went into the boys’ toy section.  There are some really cool toys there!  Dinosaurs, fancy race cars, a retro airplane lamp where the cockpit and wing lights glow in fun colors, walkie-talkies, and assorted other fun stuff.

Then I went to the girls’ toy section to find a pink vacuum cleaner, a pink iron, a pink toaster, a pink blender, and a gingham checkbook.

I was appalled that all the boys’ toys seemed to revolve around having fun, while all the girls’ toys seemed to emphasize the “fun of chores.”  

Is this what I am really in for as a new mom?  Have we as a society really “come a long way, baby” right back into the kitchen/laundry room, where girls do the chores and boys have the fun?  

What do you experienced moms think?