Introduction and Thoughts

June 30, 2006

Thought I’d formally introduce myself at last . . . you can call me Anne or MinnMom.

I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, I’m married with one 3 year-old boy, two dogs, and an African Dwarf frog.

I’m politically active, like jogging (mainly because I suck at almost every other athletic pursuit), and don’t have enough time to read books, though I remember, from a time about 3 years ago, that used to be something I enjoyed!  Now I can only find time for People and Sports Illustrated.

I feel like I am finally growing up.  I’ve been going through the motions of being a grown-up for years– working, getting married, buying a house, then another house, having a baby . . . but after years of repeating those actions of adulthood I finally feel like I’m becoming an adult.  Sort of Zen . . .

I can let go now (not perfectly and not always, but better).  I can put others first, calm down and take a step back, and take the long view.  Like I said, not perfectly, but better. It feels better, this growing-up thing, and I’m optimistic about the next seventy years (I plan on living a long time).

Anyway, I hope everybody in the U.S. has a lovely holiday, and everyone outside the U.S. has a nice weekend too–and please don’t hate us too much!  I’m doing what I can . . .