July 15, 2006

A little bit about myself, as a new member/reader.  I’m the mom of two girls, who are 8 and 10 years old.  I am about to start my third year of law school, as a non-traditional 30 something student.  I am divorced from the girls’ father, and repartnered with a wonderful man who has been a fantastic addition to the girls’ lives.  I live in New England.  I have secured a job for after graduation in a large law firm, and will definitely require long hours on ocassion.  My SO and I are experimenting with different ways to handle this – he is currently only working part time, and will consider either continuing with that, or not working outside the home at all.  This works well for us, because he is a writer at heart, and also enjoys projects of the home improvement (or enhancement) flavor, as well as other artistic outlets.  
I wonder how much I am in hte minority in this forum with older children – I am out of the world of diapers and breastfeeding and sleeping through the night issues, and am certain I will not be returning.  But I look forward to participating, and discussing the realities, joys, and struggles of being a woman and mother in today’s environment(s).