Introducing Sailis Aurora!

March 25, 2013

If you are not on Facebook, I am the proud new aunt of a baby girl: Sailis (pronounced Sah-ee-lees) Aurora. After some initial complications that landed the baby in NICU, both mom and baby are well and resting peacefully in my house.

I am in love! The baby is absolutely adorable. (NOTE: It is scientifically proven that she is the cutest baby ever, I’m not just saying that because I’m her tia!) She has dark eyes and black hair. She weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces at her birth. She is very alert, a champion feeder and growing, and a delicious co-sleeper. (Oh yeah, I am getting my baby fix!)

Without further ado, here are the pics that her doting tia and cousin, Eli, took. The kids by the way, are ecstatic and ran to the car when we arrived. Ari has been SO helpful, putting together the baby swing, grabbing things when we need them and he even started crocheting a pillow case for her. It’s very sweet.

Initially, my sister and I decided not to post pictures of Sailis with her oxygen and intravenous tubes on Facebook so as not to freak people out. As I joked with my sister Nelsy, the last thing the hospital needed was 30 crazy Cubans calling. Lol! Instead, I posted this picture of her bassinet…

Glowing and beautiful Nelsy holds her baby while the doctor gives her last-minute instructions…

When Sailis was first put in her car seat, she immediately woke up and started looking around. Then she had the startled reflex. Tia paparazzi, shut off the flash!

I’ve seen Sailis every day since she was born and spent a great deal of time with her at NICU. There was a point on the way home from the hospital that I got emotional and told my sister that I would have been a GREAT mom to a third child. She responded, “Feel free to make Sailis your third child.”

“Okay, I will!” I perked up.

Finally, Nelsy is an excellent mother and had to learn everything from diaper changes to feedings rather quickly with the baby in NICU. She is both pumping to give the baby breastmilk and supplementing with formula, balancing laundry with the frequent diaper and clothing changes that is a newborn.

She was nervous and initially wanted the baby in her bassinet. Before I went to bed Saturday night, she asked me, “How did you sleep with the baby without worrying about smothering her?” I showed her and this is how I found them Sunday morning: