April 5, 2006

 I just realized that I never got around to introducing myself despite the fact that I’ve been around(mostly reading,sometimes posting) since February when the amazing and intelligent fabooj was kind enough to turn me on to this site. My name is Kelli,I am Mom to 3 year-old(as of 04/01) Carter and am a now a SAHM after being a social worker and teacher prior to his birth. We live in Dallas,I was born and raised in Texas and am a life long liberal,for lack of a better term, because that was the only acceptable  option in my home growing up.Okay,that was a joke(sort of). I do know that I’ve never seen my Dad more pissed than one election year when my younger sister and I convinced him we’d registered as Republicans in the primary.Quite naturally we had not but you get the picture. In my family tattoos,piercings,and/or under-age drinking were less appauling to my father than the thought that he had raised a Republican. Who knew the GOP would ever be equated with rebelion and a walk on the wild side. I am excited to have found a forum with so many intelligent and informed women!