Impeachment Baby

February 24, 2006

You will probably think I am crazy- but if George W. Bush is impeached my husband and I are going to have a third child.

Background is this:
  Every once in a while I have pangs to have another child.  I have an 8 year old girl and a 4.5 year old son who will start K in the fall.  I know that a chapter of my life is coming to an end- the mother of very young children.  Although there are parts about this transition that are wonderful there are also parts that are sad.  Sometimes I think about having another baby- but my husband definitely thinks it is not a good idea.  He loves that our kids are getting older and loves doing all of the big kid stuff he can do with them.  Plus we actually go out for dates every once in a while and as was written about a while ago our marriage is no longer “celibate”

The other part of the story is that I am pretty obsessed with politics and always think the next scandal is going to be the thing that brings down the administration.  My husband teases me for being naive.  He grew up in Mexico City so he is the ultimate pessimist- politicians are all crooked- end of story.  

About 6 months ago something happened and I told my husband once again, “this is it- that bastard is going to be impeached.”  “Never will happen.” my husband replied.  “Wanna bet?” I said, “Anything you want.”  then the next thing I know I said, “OK how about a baby?” and to my surprise he replied- “OK if Bush is impeached we will have a baby.”

So what do you all think- what do you all think the chances are that I will actually have #3?  Right now I would say 20% chance yes and 80% no.