I Love New Technology

May 15, 2006

Some years back, I wrote a story for Wired News about traveling businessmen who kept in touch with their families through video conferencing. I thought those men’s arrangements were cold, distant and plain cruel for the kids missing out on actual hugs.

Fast-forward five years, make me into a mommy, and once again, I find myself eating my own words. My apologies to the people I burned with that story!

Now I am hooked to my Mac’s video “iChat” capability. (You need a separate attachable camera to use it.)

As Markos pointed out on Daily Kos today, it’s the only way Ari and I “see” him everyday. Ari loves it and looks forward to his nightly chat with Papi. He keeps him up to speed to the latest happenings at the “casa nueva” in Berkeley: “I played with Jude today. Saw Amy.”

He also enjoys this game in which Markos opens his mouth really wide over the camera, and Ari pretends to feed him goldfish crackers over the screen. Like I said, he loves it. I. Love. It.

If only Ari’s grandparents weren’t such Luddites…Sigh.