I hate cleaning!

July 14, 2006

Ok, MTs.  I have been thinking about this for awhile now…..I really hate to clean.  I don’t have a dirty house, in fact, it’s actually pretty clean. I work at it all week long and over the weekend a little at a time.  And my husband is a great help.  But there is always something else that should be done.  I have just come to resent the fact that the house just doesn’t clean itself.  

Now, I have two small children and as you all know, it is truly amazing how much they can contribute to the house being or looking unclean.  Just ask Seth my 2 year old about his toothpaste soup line episode just yesterday – can you just visualize the line of paper cups filled with blue toothpaste soup?  So I know that some of this will never go away, it just comes with the territory of having a family.

And laundry, how does the laundry multiply in the basket?  I swear I just did 4 loads just yesterday and now there are 4 more loads in the basket, just waiting for my attention.  I think I average 10 loads a week, some even more than that.

So I am not one to complain more than 3 paragraphs, I always have to find a solution.  So here’s my suggestion.  I have gathered some cool suggestions to help me with my ever expanding cleaning duties.  Most of these suggestions came from a friend of mine who owns her own cleaning service and she’s gathered/discovered over the past 30 years.  As I have implemented them, I have found they really do work. (Caveat – these are not natural products, just what you would buy at your local grocery store.)

  1.  Throw away the swiffer.  They are a waste of money and time.  You can clean a floor faster with a dust mop (get the wide ones 18-24″).

  2.  Toss that old sponge mop.  First they are unsanitary and actually push the dirt around the floor.  Use an old-fashioned string mop (preferably polyester rather than cotton as cotton will create dust bunnies).  Use a little 409 and your toe to work on a nooks and crannies that have accumulated dirt from your previous mopping. Yep, I did this and it works.

  3. Showers- Use “The Works” for sum build-up.  Once under control, then switch to Tilex SCUM Remover.  Use the spray (not foam) feature for more even distribution.  Also for less scum, switch from any DEODORANT soaps which build up sum 10x faster than non-deodorant.  (I changed soaps and it really did help)

  4. Toilets:  Use “The Works” toilet cleaner, its thinner (thicker does not mean better).  It works very well and you will use 1/3 to ½ less.  Unless you have a water softener, don’t use anything with bleach in it as it won’t take care of lime.

  5. Shower heads: Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie around shower head until dissolved.  (It could be overnight for really bad build-up).  Once dissolved, remove bag and then turn on shower to rinse. (Haven’t had this problem yet, but wish I knew this when we lived in Yuma as I replaced 2 shower heads while we lived there)

  6. Windows:  Use the original formula Windex.  The rest are just gimmicks, more expensive and don’t work any better.

  7. Cleaning cloths:  Use a terry cloth and the older the better as they grab dirt and dust better. Refold frequently to make sure you are using a clean surface.   When washing the clothes don’t use a fabric softener as it will leave a greasy residue and make cleaning take 2-3 times longer, especially true for glass and mirrors.

  8. Schedule your cleaning.  Cleaning regularly will reduce the time you will have to spend on the jobs then if they are done sporadically.

And here’s my favorite of her tidbits:

I always want to put everything away and used to spend time while cleaning running from room to room putting things away as I go.  This will seem like a no-brainer to most of you, but to me it was like a light turned on….

9. While cleaning, take a basket with you and put it in the middle of the room.  Put everything that doesn’t belong in that room in the basket.  When you are done cleaning that room, move onto the next room and remove everything from the basket that belongs in that room and put in the basket everything that does not.belong in that room.  Clean and repeat.  

That little tidbit alone has reduced the amount of time that I actually spend cleaning every day.

I hope you find these useful.  I would love to hear some of yours in the comments.  I could use all the help I can get.  Thanks!  Anne