I'm Scrrrrrrrrrrd!

May 12, 2006

My son is 7 years old and a freak of nature. He started standing by himself at 3 months old, he began walking at 8 months, he was talking (fluent full sentences) at 18 months, and reading chapter books before his 3rd birthday. He tutored while in pre-school, was bored while in kindergarden, and skipped the first grade completely.

So, why am I scared? Because he’s 7 and at 7, you’re still a kid. At 7, you don’t know who you are. At 7, you’re a “follower”, and because of articles like these. On May 5, 2006, at Columbia Elementary School, in St. Louis, 12 (count them 12!) 6, 7 and 8 year old boys attacked on an 8-year-old girl on the school playground!

The two boys who got the lesser punishment kissed the girl, a district official said. Other boys held her down. Authorities were trying to determine the extent of the sexual contact. The victim’s great-aunt said that based on her conversations with the girl and with her own son, who was at the school that day, she believed the boys were trying to poke their fingers into her and that the girl was fighting to keep her underpants on.

All 12 boys – one 6-year-old, seven 7-year-olds and four 8-year-olds – are expected to be referred to the city’s Family Court on misdemeanor charges of first-degree sexual misconduct and third-degree assault, said assistant court administrator Kathryn Herman.  

This attack happened during school hours. Teachers were on playground duty, but didn’t notice this was going on. How scary is that?

I sat my son (and daughter) down and had a long, serious talk with them. I told them that any game that evolves into the touching of “privates” is wrong, and that they need to be responsible and alert an adult as soon as possible. I told them that even if they don’t participate in this “activity”, but don’t do anything to stop it they are just as responsible. I told them that it is their responsibility to protect those weaker than themselves.

But is that enough? Should I have said more? Less? Something different?