Hump Day Open Thread: Book Review Edition

May 21, 2014

What’s up?

I’ve completed a couple of books that I highly recommend. If you face “techno-stress” on the job like I do, then consider picking up Thrive by Arianna Huffington. I reviewed it for MomsRising.

In a nutshell, the book is meticulously researched as it is written with studies on sleep deprivation and how 24/7 connectivity could be a cause for stress, exhaustion and burnout on the job. Huffington has applied the book’s findings to her own work, having created various lifestyle sections on Huffington Post and regularly writing about the topic as she did yesterday: “The Importance of Ending Washington’s Fetishization of Burnout.”

The second book I’ve been reading, La ridícula idea de no volver a verte (“The ridiculous idea of not seeing you again”) by Rosa Montero, I am almost done with and have been devouring. I read a novel by Montero while I was studying abroad in Spain in college, and I remember that she was the first novelist that I read in Spanish, in which I laughed out loud and cried as I would a book in English. I am having the same experience reading La ridícula idea.

It is part autobiography and part biography as Montero reviews Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie’s diary after her beloved husband Pierre died. Montero draws parallels between that and her own experience having been widowed after a 21-year relationship. The book examines relationships — a common theme in Montero’s novels — cultural biases against women and humanity’s paradoxical attitudes towards death. There were some interesting photographs from both Curie’s and Montero’s lives.

I could not find the book in English online, but she is an internationally acclaimed author. I am wondering if it’s just not out yet in English? I love it, which is why I am mentioning it.

What’s on your night table? What’s up with you?