Hi MT's, this is my intro!

June 22, 2006

My name is Kris, but I chose “Flower Patch” as my ID here on Mother Talkers because my daughter and I just finished planting a huge flower patch outside.  I found MT through DailyKos, my ID there is Ikrisarus and I love, love that site.

I have two children, my son Zion is 4 and my daughter Hannah, is 2 and a half.  My husband and I didn’t think we could have kids as we tried for almost 6 years before we gave up.  My mother found out she had ovarian cancer in the summer of 2001, so I moved home (California) to take care of her post-op.  We learned about juicing and healthy eating and in the fall of ’01, because I had flushed my body of all the toxins, finally became pregnant at the age of 35…..SURPRISE!  Talk about irony!
My mother passed away in the Spring of ’04, just a few weeks after my daughter was born, they passed like ships in the night. I did manage to get some great photos of my mother holding my daughter luckily, but I went through some hard post natal depression.  I’m glad that part of my life is in the past, now our family seems much happier and whole, or rather, I am taking part in my family’s happiness now.

My husband and I live on Cape Cod in Massachusettes, it really is beautiful here.  We have beaches on both sides of us but we live in the woods, with trails-a-plenty around us.  We live a modest life, my husband works as a carpenter and I work at night waitressing.  We don’t see each other much, but there is always one of us with the kids and that is most important to us.  We have our Sundays as a family where we will go to the beach, take a walk or go fishing at the local pond.

I’m very happy I found this community and hope to be a significant member.  Peace to all,