Heads Up: Bad Pills

March 21, 2006

The FDA has put out a recall on some generic birth control pills made by Watson Labs. They are called TriNessa, and if you are taking these pills you may not be getting as much synthetic hormone norgestimate as the label

A Mothertalkers reader who discovered her pill packs were among those recalled talked with her pharmacist and was told that Watson Labs notified pharmacies and advised them to destroy any stock that had these serial numbers. But they told the pharmacists that there wasn’t a need to contact any customers who might already be taking pills from the bad batch.

Apparently, an increased risk of pregnancy and depressive mood swings don’t warrant customer notification. Insert outrage here.

A list of the serial numbers for affected pill packs is found here.

If your gal pals rely on birth control pills, please forward this post to them. Since the manufacturers and the FDA don’t care enough to tell women, we must do it ourselves.

Thanks to Naomi for the tip.