Habeas Schmabeas

March 13, 2006

Tonight I listened to This American Life on my local NPR station.  Today’s episode was called “Habeas Schmabeas”.  Heart breaking and enraging are the only ways to describe it.  There was story after story- often through interviews with former detainees- that were so outragious, so disguisting and tragic. From the American Life Website:

the right of habeas corpus has been a part of this country’s legal tradition longer than we’ve actually been a country. It means the government has to explain why it’s holding a person in custody. But now, the war on terror has nixed many of the rules we used to think of as fundamental. At Guantanamo Bay, our government initially claimed that the prisoners should not be covered by habeas – or even by the Geneva Conventions – because they’re the most fearsome terrorist enemies we have. But is that true? Is it a camp full of terrorists, or a camp full of our mistakes? Reporter Jack Hitt unveils everything we know about who these prisoners are. In interviews with two former detainees, he finds out the consequences of taking away habeas, for them and for us.

The other day on MYDD one of the bloggers was complaining that whenever Hillary Clinton’s name is brought up the comments go crazy- even that GOP talking points are used.  (FYI I was not one of the commentors) However after hearing stories like I heard today on the radio I realize why the comments get so vicious.  The United States of America is taking totally innocent people from the other side of the world (they estimated that 5% were “swiped from the battle field as Cheney described Guantanamo’s inmates.) and torturing them.  Then even after they figure out they are innocent- they still keep them.  Who in the Senate has talking about how outragious this is?  Why does Hillary not sound much different than Bush when she talks about Iraq?

I will support Hillary if she gets the nomination- but I am pissed.  I know a lot of you feel like I do- very emotional about it all.  

OK off to Desperate Housewives.  This is my second rambling post of the night (the other one is actually a comment- sorry….)