Guilty Diversions

May 25, 2006

Surely, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are bringing revenue and publicity to the African nation of Namibia where they await the birth of their first biological child.  But a national holiday in their unborn child’s name? Come on!

In an informal poll conducted by a local radio station, half of Namibians support declaring “Baby Brangelina’s” birthday a national holiday — an honor usually reserved for kings, queens and national heroes.

“We have a tie, it’s 50-50,” the DJ for popular local radio station Radio Wave announced on Tuesday after listeners were asked whether the “Brangelina” baby should be accorded the honour. She said voting was still going on…

But while residents of the southern African country have so far been unfazed by the visit, local media is now getting into the act, with the daily Namib Times speculating that the baby might arrive at the weekend or early next week. Jolie’s due date had been reported to be May 18.

Maybe news of Jolie’s impending birth will be eclipsed by the fact that J-Lo is now pregnant. (Maybe not!) As In Touch magazine recently pointed out, she has not dyed her graying roots these last few months, has been turning down drinks at public events and is carrying a conspicuous midriff bump. Hmm…The baby would be Jennifer’s first and husband Marc Anthony’s fourth.