Gold Medal Mama

February 15, 2006

The Winter Olympics aren’t my cup of tea, but I happened to be watching last night when Russian speed skater Svetlana Zhurova won the women’s 500-meter sprint. Girlfriend ZOOMED around that rink. Pretty impressive.

What really grabbed my attention? The announcers mentioning that at age 34, she became the oldest woman to win a gold medal in speed skating.

And by the way, she has a 2-year-old son.

Not bad for someone who just a year ago was sitting around the house in St. Petersburg, Russia, chasing an infant around and trying to avoid the bathroom scale.

If she’d gotten on it, the numbers would have read 185. Considering she’d never finished higher than seventh in three Olympics, the last place anyone thought she’d be was on the medal stand Tuesday.

Get DOWN with your bad self, girl!!

Seriously…I have been struggling to lose these last 10 baby pounds, even as I gorge myself on Valentine’s Day candy from my well-meaning husband.

But if Svetlana can transform herself into a gold medalist at age 34, I can lose those damn 10 pounds.

If only chocolate weren’t so darn yummy