geezer mom introduction

April 13, 2006

I have been posting comments here for a few weeks, so it is about time I introduce myself. I came here via daily kos and street prophets, where I mostly post about my son anyway. I think this is a good fit for my interests!

My husband(younger and better educated) and I (over 50 native Texan) live with our son(seven and adopted from China as a baby)in North Carolina. I am guilty as some moms of treating my son like he is “Baby Jesus” but I can say that he makes his own school lunch.

I stay at home, while my husband travels to Africa as part of his work as a demographer. We live on a wooded hills on a couple of acres, are about to remodel our home with solar panels. I am a lone Dem with conservative family mostly living in Texas. I handled this in the past by living in other states for college and then spending some years in Europe(UK, Greece, Denmark). I have never had real “career” plans and came to motherhood so late that it seems I am living life in reverse. Before we got our son, I wrote a small biography of my grandfather(a Texas sheriff). These days, I are sort of a hermit, but am trying to get out more (going to Yearly Kos, will probably go to the CTG tour stop in Raleigh). As I mentioned on a diary today, my son and I both study Chinese, in separate classes, and went to China last year. Thanks for making me feel welcome here!