Friday Morning Open Thread

November 15, 2013

UPDATE: Ted Wafer, who shot and killed Renisha McBride, has been charged with 2nd degree murder, manslaughter and felony firearm charges. Thank you to all who signed the petition seeking justice for the McBride family. -Elisa

What’s up?

Author and journalist Nanette Fondas wrote about the declining birth rate in the United States at the Huffington Post. Research shows that millennials are opting out of parenthood altogether due to the financial and emotional stresses of balancing caregiving with work and personal downtime. Do you have adult children? What do they say about having children?

My heart breaks for the family of Renisha McBride. She was the 19-year-old woman who was shot in the face in an attempt to ask for help after her car broke down. The character assassination of McBride has begun while the shooter remains free and unidentified by the media. Talk about screwed up priorities. Please consider signing Color of Change’s petition to seek justice for the McBride family.

My heart also hurts for the people who have lost their lives, their loved ones or their homes in the Philippines due to a typhoon. To donate to recovery efforts, the Red Cross link is here.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?