For Bay Area Parents

April 2, 2006

If you will tolerate my shameless swooning over my son’s preschool here it goes: My son’s school, Escuela Bilingue Internacional in the Rockridge district of Oakland, will open its doors for the very first time in September. The school, one of a few bilingual Spanish-English elementary schools in northern California, incorporates the “dual-immersion” curriculum and the rigorous International Baccalaureate program.

In a dual-immersion setting, Spanish will be the sole language spoken in preschool. Every year, starting in Kindergarten, one hour of English instruction will be added until the third grade when the students learn their subjects equally in Spanish and in English. The idea is that the students will use more of their brain capacity by learning their subjects in a rigorous, but fun, bicultural way in both languages.

As a person who benefited from bilingualism — I am fluent in both Spanish (my first language) and in English — I jumped at this opportunity. I am helping the school by letting people know it exists.

Currently, one preschool class is full. The school opened up another preschool class and is trying to fill the Kindergarten classroom. Your child does not need to speak any Spanish to attend!

If you are interested in a family interview — it is a private school and you will need to apply — please call 1-510-455-4347 or e-mail Liza Sanchez at

Thank you for reading my spiel!