Flying the coop

March 22, 2006

This is a big one for me.  I’m going to Vegas on Friday to do some YearlyKos stuff.  The last time I went to Vegas for YK stuff was in Jan. and even though I had planned on going for 2 days by myself, it turned into a 5 day family extravaganza.  Picture me, the spouse and 2 kids in a suite at the MGM.  Me and DH fighting over who gets to use the laptop since his work pays and YK doesn’t (it’s called volunteering sweetie!).  

Trying to squeeze in some fun in a hotel that’s not kid friendly was also a chore.  I remember taking Ilia down to the lion “habitat” at 3am just so she could sleep.  The lion habitat is like a mile away from the bank of elevators to the hotel rooms, so it wasn’t even fun. Explaining to a 2 year old that she has to stay between the lines on the carpet, and no, mommy isn’t going to let her play a game was a daily experience.  

When the opportunity to meet the YK board members and get some final walkthroughs done arose, I was a little wary of toting the family along.  Then I thought, “Why do they have to come with me?”  It was liberating.  Just having that idea.  I haven’t gone on a trip without my husband since I went to Kansas City 2 days after I met him.  Sure, I drove to Vegas a couple of months after we bought the MINI Cooper, but he met me in Vegas that night.  I haven’t left the kids for more than a few hours ever.  This was going to be new.

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The chance to be me–not a wife or mommy on vacation.  I feel like I’ve been given a Calgon weekend!  I’m itching to be in Vegas, to be able to get work done without fighting my kid to wear her tennis shoes and not her flip-flops.  The idea of leaving a hotel room without begging my husband to wake up (it’s 1pm for goodness sakes!) so we can eat is sooooooo appealing.  I get to interract with other adults.  I get to eat a meal without sharing it.  I won’t have to watch Blue’s Clues.  Most importantly, I’ll be able to go to the bathroom without an audience.

Then there’s the family’s reaction:  My husband wants me gone (so he can play with his new big TV without me complaining about the wires and cables everywhere).  He has devised a plan to only eat sushi every night for dinner while I’m gone, so he and Ilia can go crazy.  My kids actually have no idea what’s going on.  I told Ilia she has to listen to Daddy while I’m gone and she laughs and says, “No way!  Okay, mama.  I will.”  I’ve bought a mic for the laptop so that I can still read Ilia her bedtime storie and give her long distance nanas (we have to dance before she gets tucked in).  

On the surface, we’re prepared.  Then the doubts creep in.  Watching DH get exasperated because of “crying in stereo” is worrying.  I admit to being nervous of him being by himself here with the kids.  When I go out to take pictures, and get a phone call “When are you coming home?  The babies are driving me crazy and I can’t get any work done!”, that doesn’t exactly instill confidence.  And yet, he’s wonderful with them 99% of the time.  I feel like my nervousness is focusing on the negative.  There’s also the fact that he’s not the most punctual person.  I  just know that Ilia will be dropped off at school around noon and will be picked up at 8pm once he remembers.  I’ve taken the liberty of setting up reminders on all his electronic equipment to go off every 10 min. to remind him to pick her up.  

I know I can’t be the only woman who feels this way.  I’m in the uneviable position of having no one nearby I can count on to help DH.  No family, no friends who are reliable or useful at any rate.  It’s DH and the kids.  I’m positive all will be fine.  I’m right.  Right?