Father Botches Son's Plan to Bomb Abortion Clinic

June 10, 2006

LAS VEGAS — I attended the abortion roundtable today at Yearly Kos as many of the issues in my feminism panel overlapped. While I support making abortion rare through comprehensive sex education and contraceptives, I also want to see it remain legal and safe. I shudder at the thought of an outright ban — as some states are pushing.

It reminds me of an article I read in La Prensa Grafica of El Salvador — a country that prohibits abortion — of a newborn baby boy abandoned in some grass under the sun. Considering that El Salvador is by the equator, he required skin grafts for much of his little body due to severe sunburn. It was a story I never got out of my head and, unfortunately, La Prensa’s website won’t let me search by topic for a follow-up.

But as our roundtable moderator and this Washington Post article remind us, the people who fight to keep abortion legal in this country do so at their own peril. Our moderator had her mug and “child murderer” printed on flyers and distributed throughout her North Carolina town. In the Washington Post piece, a Maryland father (thankfully) turned in his own son to authorities for a planned bomb attack on an abortion clinic.

“It’s just something that he believed in very fervently, and in my opinion he went way over the top,” Robert F. Weiler Sr. said in an interview. “We became aware of what he was doing, and we felt obligated to contact the police.”

Now, Mr. Weiler Sr. said, he too, is against abortion. But we are in agreement that killing people isn’t the best way to trump your point of view.

While abortion will always be necessary for when emergencies arise, the best way to cut down on medically unnecessary abortions is to educate both men and women on the contraceptives out there and force health insurance companies to cover them. I wish the radical right would stop painting this emotionally laden issue as black and white.