No peeking baker baker!! by sheri

Y’all! I can’t believe we’ve let time get away from us without organizing a way to honor baker baker’s 3rd baby’s pending arrival. Hopefully I haven’t just missed a discussion. It seems like what they would need 3rd time around might be gift certificates or maybe just money. Target? A grocery store? Other ideas?

I wanted to get the ball rolling on this, but I’m afraid I really can’t be the organizer. For one, I suck at details and drop balls all the time. And for two, I am in a ridiculously stressful, sleep deprived, and busy time right now, which makes me even worse at details and more likely to not be able to follow through. It’s a huge character flaw. I have good intentions and terrible follow-through. All that to say…is there someone who can collect money and get whatever we decide on to her?

November 8, 2012