Life with my pre-pre-teen (by mkkendrick)

So, my oldest son is in the 5th grade.  Next year he will be in the 6th grade and will become a MIDDLE-SCHOOLER.

Now, I’m not unfamiliar with middle-schoolers — I work at a middle school — I breath middle school angst, energy, enthusiasm, humor, anger, silliness, brilliance, and sheer there-ness all day long.

But, I have never LIVED with a middle schooler. And, more specifically, I have never lived with a 10-year-old who is beginning the difficult emotional, physical, and hormonal transition from kid to pre-teen.  The past few days he’s been a roller coaster — in the space of 24 hours he’s been sulky, arrogant, despondent, and joyful.  I haven’t seen him this out-of-balance since he was a toddler. As an educator, I know that this is all a normal part of his development and comes with the territory…and it’s territory I’ve visited…but never as a mom.

I know many of you here have already been through this transition.  Any words of wisdom? Suggestions for what works and doesn’t work? Or, am I just in for a wild ride the next few years?