As most of you are on my FB group for DH I haven’t been updating here on what’s happening but I thought I should post an update as to where we are right now for those who aren’t on FB or who don’t check there too often.

DH’s chemo worked well enough that his local oncologist decided that it was time to start radiation in hopes of further shrinking the tumor to a size where it would be operable.  We did a mad dash to find a surgeon at a center that does a high volume of similar surgeries of the type that DH will need.  As it turns out, I had a friend who had a connection to a colorectal surgeon who pulled strings and scored us an appointment at Johns Hopkins on the day Hurricane Sandy hit.  We made our 8am appointment with the surgeon, received his recommendations and drove home ahead of the storm.

The surgeon agreed with our local doctors that radiation would be the best plan.  So DH started daily radiation sessions two weeks ago.  He will do this for 5 1/2 weeks.  During this time he will be receiving constant low dose chemotherapy so he has to wear a pump for that 24/7 for the duration.  The only break he has from wearing the pump is when he goes to the oncologist for his weekly blood draw.  In January we will travel back to Hopkins for some scans and to meet with some of the other doctors who will be on the surgical team that his surgeon is assembling.  This team will include a radiation oncologist, a urologist, and a plastic surgeon.  In February we will go back to Hopkins for the next surgery and hopefully they will be able to remove all of his cancer then.

So far, he did very well with chemotherapy and had some really good days toward the end of his biweekly treatments.  The radiation/chemo combination is really rough.  He is still working as he can telecommute but he needs a lot of rest so the bulk of the childcare and running of the house is on me with even fewer breaks than before.  I would say that this is similar to when he first became sick.  It is very stressful and of course my work is piling up with the time of year and Advent and Christmas at church.  Also the kids and I all had strep followed by nasty colds last week so there really has been little rest around here.  On the bright side, we have an end date the week before Christmas for this current phase of treatment and he should start to feel better and have more energy when the radiation/chemo marathon ends.


November 27, 2012