A MotherTalkers recipe book!

Rachel and Aussiegeek celebrate Thanksgiving Down Under.

On Facebook the other day, the idea for a recipe book was floated. I (Aussiegeek) agreed to compile the book and put it on Blurb (you can also get it as a digital file that way) for anyone who would like to order one.

So….send me your recipes. One that you’ve shared on here before. Or that someone else has shared that you’ve loved. If anyone is feeling ambitious, you can go back through the archives to find the old recipe threads and send them to me…. If you haven’t shared one before, now is your chance!

Send me photos, too. It makes a much nicer book if there are pictures. Either of the food, your families, yourself, or a meetup photo.

All recipes to be sent to aussieyankmt at gmail by mid June. That way I can do the Blurb thing and pick it up in the US while I’m there!