Crocodile Hunter Dead at 44

September 4, 2006

This is so sad: Steve Irwin, who turned his childhood passion for reptiles into the popular Crocodile Hunter show on the Discovery Channel, died when his heart was pierced by a stingray. He was 44.

The Houston Chronicle ran a decent obituary on him, including the details surrounding his death. Apparently, it was a freak accident while he was being filmed swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. It is rare for even scuba divers to die being stung by a stingray.

Considering he spent his career flirting with dangerous animals, my husband and I were not completely surprised by his death. But we felt so sad for his family: Irwin left behind his wife Terri, their 8-year-old daughter Bindi Sue and son Bob, who will turn 3 in December. Heartbreaking.