Controversy from the pages of BabyTalk? Egads!

July 28, 2006

Editor’s Note: In case you missed the latest “boob flap,” here it is. Thanks for posting, Betsy! -Elisa

In this article on today, a piece about the ‘controversial’ cover of Babytalk magazine, which depicts a baby at the breast. No nipple. Just a curved breast with a baby attached, looking adoringly up at mom. The article says only 1/4 of the poll opinions the magazine has received were negative. But the first three they quote were all negative responses, until they get to a tepid “I’m supportive but I find it gross” quote. Nice.

What I find MOST interesting about this ‘article’ on CNN is that they don’t talk to a single woman who IS a so-called Lactivist. Only one mom who nursed in public unreservedly. They mention a couple of nurse-ins, and targets, but of course don’t give details about what sparked them.
One woman they quote from who is in favor of the cover is nursing a three-year old, which while I have no problem with it, is generally longer than most women nurse. It seems to me that quoting her, instead of a woman with a 9-month-old, cements, the public perception that those women are wingnuts. And even her support is tempered by what she says.

And what about the fact that the article related to that cover shot is about women NOT nursing? How about a mention of that?

CNN mentions Babytalk is a ‘free magazine’ without comment. They don’t explain that it’s 100% advertiser supported, foisted upon women by ‘subscription’ when they get a positive pregnancy test at their doctor’s office, and that their ad copy is overwhelmingly for cord blood banks, formula companies, in-home autclaves, and various other businesses that are, in my experience, preying on maternal insecurities. Grrr.