Climbing Nappy Mountain

February 13, 2006

In some areas of the UK, local governments are offering moms gift vouchers and cash rewards for using cloth diapers instead of disposable “nappies.” In an island nation, open space for landfills is scarce, and tipping fees are pricey. Maybe they should fill a barge and see if any other nation will let it dock.

David Sparks, of the Local Government Association (LGA)…said: “The growing nappy mountain is a real problem for the environment and for council taxpayers.”

Maybe they should call this guy, who’s marketing a technology that could transform that nappy mountain into shingles and shoe insoles.

Britain’s Environmental Agency issued a report last year, concluding that there was little environmental benefit to using cloth over disposables or vice versa. I’d done some reading myself on the issue a couple years back, looking at a lifecycle analysis of each.

What I find worrisome is this: According to the article, nearly three billion nappies are thrown away in Britain every year with 90% ending up in landfill. Pray tell, where are the other 10% stashed?