Christmas Open Thread

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas morning!

How did Santa treat you? We opened gifts last night during Noche Buena. DH bought me really cute, comfy PJs from Pajamagram. Later he told me he was tired of seeing me in the same ratty old PJs. Alrighty, then! He’s right though. I tend to wear pajamas until they fall apart. This is something I never would have thought to buy for myself, and I really like them. I also got an iPad mini! Already loving it.

This morning Santa will visit the kids. DD left a letter for him, along with sugar cookies and egg nog. (“Maybe he’ll be tired of drinking milk,” she said.) Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Santa,

My baby brother Alex wants a new bike and a toy train and I want the American Girl doll Caroline and a Bitty Baby. We hope that we are both on the nice list. I believe that you’re real. What is it like to be an elf. I wish I could fly on Rudolph and on your sleigh. How do your elfs build the toys. I hope you like trying egg nog. and cookies.



Can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they come downstairs!

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