Children and Amusement Parks

February 27, 2006

My daughter who is 11, doesn’t take after me. She may physically look like me, but her personality is very much her fathers. She’s always been very daring and pushing herself physically. She goes camping and knows how to “rough it”. She hikes, rock climbs, snow boards and bungie jumps. She is my hero.

For her next birthday, she wants me to take her to Magic Mountain, where she wants to master all the rides. That makes me nervous, because she is a tiny 11. Then, this morning, I read an article about a 13-year-old boy who fell from a roller coaster and was hospitalized in intensive care. The article went on to say that because the lap bar was not secure across his legs, he was forced out of the car as the ride approached a sharp turn. He fell 10 to 12 feet to the grass below. Hmmmmm.

I wonder if I can talk my daughter into going to Disneyland instead. I mean, haven’t you all noticed that the theme parks with the most dangerous rides, are run by children? How do you feel about these rollercoasters? Am I being to overprotective?