Celebrity Gossip Break

July 24, 2006

I was annoyed by People magazine’s story on Christie Brinkley’s impending divorce from architect Peter Cook. The magazine speculated that he cheated on her with a teenager because he was tired of being known as “Mr. Christie Brinkley:”

Why would Cook, 47, a successful architect who has built luxury homes for heiress Anne Hearst, entertainment lawyer Alan Grubman and other members of the Hamptons elite, risk having a fling with a teenager? One friend says that Cook had long chafed at being known as “Mr. Brinkley. That became his identity — being her husband.” Adds another source close to the couple: “He was given a very difficult role of having to play second fiddle to her. Life revolved around trying to accommodate her. He was definitely at her beck and call.”

With (19-year-old Diana) Bianchi, the roles were reversed.

I hate it when people blame a husband’s philandering on the wife’s success. How about the simple fact that he was an asshole?

  • Speaking of assholes, Richard Hatch, the very first winner of the reality show “Survivor,” was sent to prison to serve a 51-month sentence. Hatch failed to pay taxes on his $1-million prize. The judge, who handed him the sentence, said Hatch repeatedly lied on the witness stand, which wasn’t much different than his game in Malaysia.

  • Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, 18, of Puerto Rico — you go, girl! — was crowned Miss Universe last night. Mendoza became the fifth Puerto Rican in the pageant’s 55-year-history to win the title.