Yesterday the SFChronicle had an expose of parents who are seriously gaming the federal Special Education laws of the 1970s which gaurantee a “free and appropriate public education” for anyone with disabilities, from birth to age 22. The word “appropriate” is an interpretive soft spot big enough to drive a deluxe edition Hummer through. Which […] Continue reading

I never envisioned myself as a mother. As a child, I had zero interest in dolls. I prefered to read or watch TV, and when well-meaning relatives gave me Barbies, I ended up giving them punk-rock hairdos or throwing them in the air as high as I could. I distinctly recall one ending up in […] Continue reading

I hope MotherTalkers grows into a thriving community. I’m a Bay Area activist/litigator who became a single mother later in life. I have boy/girl twins about to turn three. We are in the process of toilet training, speaking in full sentences for the first time, tantrums, and other assorted goofiness…… More below the fold. Since […] Continue reading

This starchy little tribute to the fulfillment of housewifery was tucked into the SF Chronicle’s Home & Garden section this past week. I read the whole thing, mystified. The heavy, gleaming General Electric sits, heated and ready, on the ironing board. My mother moves quietly around the kitchen. Even at this hour, she looks neat […] Continue reading