Birthday Present Ideas Requested (Crap Redux)

July 13, 2006

Rather than hijacking the excellent existing crap diary with my own request for assistance in buying more crap, I figured I’d solicit your crap recommendations in a new crap diary.

I have twins, one boy (Daniel) and one girl (Sophia) who will turn two at the end of August.  They are somewhat precocious.  My feeling is that whether we want to or not, we are going to be sending a very strong message to them this birthday about what we think they should be interested in.  So I want to be extremely careful not to engage in gender stereotyping with these gifts.

At the same time, I would like to recognize that they are unique individuals, and to give them at least a couple of gifts that are meant for them individually (even though they will surely come to be shared).
I find this to be relatively easy for my son, but much more difficult for my daughter.  I’m in the anti-Barbie camp (not that they would yet be appropriate anyway) and am recoiling in horror at the thought of getting a dump truck for Daniel and a doll cradle for Sophia–even though Daniel seems to like dump trucks more and Sophia seems to like dolls more, both of them play with each.

Help!!!  Your crappy ideas requested!!!  🙂

P.S.  We already own nearly every book under the sun, so if you could focus your ideas on more active playthings, I’d appreciate it.  Thanks!!!