Biracial Babies by Design?

March 20, 2006

In “I Want a Mutt,” Gilliard’s bumming on single gals who chose sperm donors from outside their race. I’m really curious what you moms of bodacious biracial babies think about his stance.

Here in Berkeley, a great many of the kids playing at the park and on the school playgrounds are biracial. In a few short generations, I imagine hybrids will be the predominant Bay Area racial designation. This is one of the reasons why I can’t see clearly on this issue.

Another reason: My sister and dad have the kind of skin that’s most prone to skin cancer. They’ve both been carved on to remove cancer, and live in fear of recurrences. I don’t think it would be a blithe, selfish decision for a person with such skin to ensure their child didn’t share that trait by choosing a donor with darker skin.

I get Gilliard’s broader point, that racism exists and when children of color encounter it, they will need parents who understand it and can help them get through it. But it was hard for me to dismiss these women’s desires to have genetically stronger children as altogether “sad” and “selfish.”

UPDATE: I’m embarrassed to say that I just recently read the whole article that Steve was ranting about, and I’d like to amend my original take. Some of those ladies (Daniela in particular) came across as both sad and selfish.