Back to Work! Poor Me! (Also, a Request for Helpful Hints)

August 16, 2006

Today is the last day of summer vacation for me!  Teachers report back to work tomorrow.  Students will arrive next Friday.  

I’ve had a hard time getting pumped up for school this year. I just don’t want to go back to the frantic pace that comes with working. I am SOOO going to miss the slow, lazy rhythm of life we’ve been enjoying this summer.

During the school year, I am pretty much on the go from 5:15 am to 9:15 pm, at which point I generally collapse into bed, exhausted.  My big question?  How can I live a bit more balanced life this year?
This school year, I want to…

…get in some more exercise
…be a more active participant in the world by engaging in cultural events, outdoor activities, and volunteer work
…spend more time writing and reading
…be more disciplined in my spiritual pursuits

Why do I want to do these things?  Not because I want to be busier.  Rather, I’m looking to have a more well-rounded life that is not entirely consumed by teaching and mothering.

I’ve got a few ideas how to achieve a more well-rounded, balanced exisitance.  First of all, maybe if I do more laundry DURING the week, I can have more time on the weekends for engaging activities.  A second idea–make a new ritual–the big weekend walk.  Third idea–leave work a smidge earlier two times a week and walk before I pick up the kids.  Fourth idea–volunteer to do readings at church (I go anyways–I might as well pitch in and help during the services).  Fifth idea–when the toddler is napping on the weekends, use that as writing time (not folding-laundry, cathching-up-with-chores, grading-essays time).

So–any helpful hints?  I know that all of you balance/juggle many pursuits (and do it well!), so I’m hoping to tap into your collective wisdom and expierience.  All stories, suggestions, and comments welcome!