I’m just curious as to how those of you with older kids handle allowances. How old were your kids when they started getting an allowance? How much is/was their allowance? What chores do they have to do for their allowance (assuming the allowance is tied to chores), and is the allowance withheld if chores are […] Continue reading

Does anyone else remember Margret Atwood’s book The Handmaid’s Tale? It wasn’t one of her best by any stretch of the imagination, but it was chilling in its futuristic portrayal of where attempts to control a woman’s body could lead a (our) society. Well, I just read this on Atrios (who, in turn, lifted it […] Continue reading

OK–Gray Goose has shamed me into introducing myself (unintentionally, of course). Like her, I hate doing intros, but here goes. I’m 41, happily married, and the mother of two lovely boys–Ben (7) and Sean (4.5). We live in Chile, in a small town about an hour north of Santiago. My husband and I are both […] Continue reading