In Chinese class this morning, we learned how to say, “I smoke cigarettes”: “Wo chou yan.” Our instructor asked several of us (me included) if we smoked. Each time he asked, he was met by a wrinkled nose or wince of pain and an adamant “bu chou!” (“No smoke!”) Finally, he asked the class, “Who […] Continue reading

Two female college professors wrote an intriguing column for this past Sunday’s Washington Post discounting much of the First Lady’s and media’s hype over the “boy crisis.” In case you haven’t heard, boys are screwed over by our current educational system, partly because our largely female instructors don’t understand that boys are wired differently than […] Continue reading

I hate these health stories: Most news networks and publications yesterday ran a story attributing the spike in autism cases in recent years to a “labeling” issue rather than an epidemic. According to researcher Paul Shattuck of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, children in special education programs classified as “mentally retarded” or “learning disabled” […] Continue reading

If you will tolerate my shameless swooning over my son’s preschool here it goes: My son’s school, Escuela Bilingue Internacional in the Rockridge district of Oakland, will open its doors for the very first time in September. The school, one of a few bilingual Spanish-English elementary schools in northern California, incorporates the “dual-immersion” curriculum and […] Continue reading