Remember American Gladiators, where joes and janes would slam each other with giant Q-tips? Behold the modern equivalent in the culture war, sans prizes: More than 25,000 evangelical Christian youth landed Friday in San Francisco for a two-day rally at AT&T Park against “the virtue terrorism” of popular culture, and they were greeted by an […] Continue reading

Two years ago, Vermont legislators passed a law, calling on schools to institute anti-bullying programs. Since gay/lesbian/transgender youth are prime targets of bullying, it made sense that Williston Central School would invite a homosexual youth to address the student body about the issue. The speaker was sponsored by Outright Vermont, the mission of which is […] Continue reading

A four-year-old boy from Minneapolis swallowed a heart-shaped charm from a Reebok bracelet and promptly died. Reebok is in a public relations panic, rightly recalling the 300,000 charm bracelets in circulation and talking as though the made-in-China lead-tainted bracelets were a terrible fluke. They are no fluke. Costume jewelry containing dangerous levels of lead is […] Continue reading

The FDA has put out a recall on some generic birth control pills made by Watson Labs. They are called TriNessa, and if you are taking these pills you may not be getting as much synthetic hormone norgestimate as the label indicates. A Mothertalkers reader who discovered her pill packs were among those recalled talked […] Continue reading

Jersey Assemblyman John F. McKeon has floated a proposal to allow pregnant ladies – visibly, ripely, busting-at-the-seams pregnant ladies – to use handicapped parking spaces. A spokesperson for the National Organization for Women of New Jersey got testy: “Absolutely ridiculous. Since when is being pregnant a handicap?” Well, when putting on socks, for one. At […] Continue reading

This is so funny. Thomas Kinkade, painter of glowing little cottages and other hobbity scenes that make Christian booksellers weak in the knees, is up to no good. When the painter isn’t “bringing God’s light to the masses” through his art, he’s visiting strip joints, groping ladies, defrauding franchise gallery owners, heckling Sigfried and Roy […] Continue reading

Two more women have died while using the abortion pill, RU-486. The causes of these deaths have not yet been disclosed. Prior abortion pill-related deaths were due to infection by a rare bacteria that can cause septic shock. In Europe, where RU-486 is legal, there have been no such cases of infection. European women take […] Continue reading