The Berkeley Parents’ Network listserve never fails to provide juicy blog fodder. A few weeks back, a mother wrote in to complain about dads hosting playdates. She had a few questions for the other moms out there. Her first query was of the Ms. Manners variety: “When my son is asked on a playdate, how […] Continue reading

I thought I’d share my fine, fine afternoon:My bean pole of a husband, wearing shades and a cowboy hat, manages to fit his 6’4″ body on to a battered tricycle at the park. My son is poised beside him, ready to roll. They launch off the hill together, hooting and hollering and coasting at breakneck […] Continue reading

Cool! Now I don’t have to parent at all!!! The new, round-the-clock channel is called BabyFirstTV. For $9.99 a month, it will be available initially by satellite through DirecTV and later through cable TV providers as well. The channel is targeted at the age group that the American Academy of Pediatrics says shouldn’t be watching […] Continue reading

Mother’s Day is coming, so get ready to be bombarded with our collective pink-tinged mother myths printed on every media surface in smooth, slanty, feminine cursive. In case your idealisation of motherhood extended to the animal world, the New York Times has published an article describing the horrors that mothers visit upon their offspring. As […] Continue reading

A new study reveals that women can intuit two things about a man from looking at his face: whether he has a lot of testosterone and whether he digs kids. Researchers found women rated pictures of men whom they perceived as interested in children as most attractive as a long-term mate, while men with the […] Continue reading

Some random thoughts on household help… Reading Gloria’s post How Much Are You Worth? reminded me of this little excerpt from the Economist article on Womenomics: Besides formal employment, women have always worked in the home, looking after children, cleaning or cooking, but because this is unpaid, it is not counted in the official statistics. […] Continue reading

The dairy industry must be creaming itself over this Canadian study: Expectant mothers who don’t drink milk aren’t getting enough vitamin D — and it’s affecting their babies, a Canadian study shows. Well, not exactly. What we have here is babies born to milk-chugging moms weighing an average 7.8 pounds versus an average 7.5 pounds […] Continue reading