One of the things I liked best about Brokeback Mountain (besides gorgeous lanky fellas in jeans frollicking like randy rams) was that it spent time fleshing out the main characters’ relationship with their respective wives. You got a complicated taste of the initial attractions, the creeping estrangement, the ultimate heartache. The wives were not presented […] Continue reading

Oh, you mean mothers aren’t leaving the workforce in droves, realizing that “feminism has failed them,” and embracing happy housewifery as their true calling? This New York Times article is much drier that all those heaving proclamations, but it perhaps offers a more complete picture of what’s happening. Basically, since the 1950s, women have been […] Continue reading

There’s a website for women who used sperm banks to have children. It’s called, and it enables the turkey baster set to connect with one other and discover whether their kids have half-siblings. A sperm donor in Virginia – Mr. 401, if you please – “fathered” (and I mean that in the most limited […] Continue reading

My adolescent years were a complete secret to my parents. They might have gone riffling through my diary for clues of my thoughts, feelings, and covert activities, but they really weren’t very interested. (Although what I was doing at the time was very, very interesting.) I’ve known other parents who tried to scale the wall […] Continue reading